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Miki Nagao is a Japanese designer. Grown up in an artistic familiar environment, graduate at graphic design and photography at the Kyoto Seika University, she has joined an acting tour for four years around Japan, Australia and Europe working as scenographer of the acting company.
Then she took a break in Kyoto where, together with some friends, she founded two brands thus starting her manufacturing travel in the Asian fashion system.
Her passion for the study of leather industry dominated her life so, after two years, she left her brands and moved to Italy, in the Renaissance Florence, with the purpose of learning the Italian processing techniques that become history in the world. In Italy she combined the Japanese culture with the Italian manufacture creating a new brand: "Soffio di Sofia".
The style and the care of the choice of material, often vegetable tanning leather, charm the customers. Miki Nagao designs the collection by herself, she creates the prototypes and drives the production forward. Today "Soffio di Sofia" is supported by several years of experience and it is located in Palermo, the Norman-Arab capital city of Sicily. The mission of the brand is basically unchanged: simplifying the concepts in order to get back to see the world through a child's eyes,  playing with the volumes making them functional to the objects, being amazed at a bag that becomes from flat to three dimensional.

-2011 International design festival "Florence Design Week"
-2011 / Online magazine "FrizziFrizzi" published.
-2012 S/S Milano fashion week "-A new anthhology-
-Corriere della sera "IO DONNA -Fashion book 2011/12- Italian magazine published.
-VOUGE Italy-V Talents published.
-MsGlitzy com Blog

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